Why Join EECMAI ?​

EECMAI was formed in September 2020 with the aim of making India “Atma Nirbhar” and a dependable global market hub for elevator and escalator components.

With new Elevator and Escalator companies getting formed every year, there is a need for companies to follow the standards and use the latest/best in class technology to make vertical transportation safer.


India is the second largest elevator market in the world. With the volumes going up and the industry becoming cost centric, it is very important that the safety and quality of the products are not compromised.


Despite being the second largest market, India’s contribution to the global component market is less than 0.30% thereby providing ample scope for export of quality components.



“To make India the preferred hub for the global elevator and escalator industry”


“To support the growth of the elevator and escalator industry by promoting continuous improvement of safety and quality standards, education of the community and networking with domestic and international organizations”
Amongst all the nations in the world, India is best placed to emerge as an alternate global powerhouse for the manufacturing of E&E components that comply to international standards of safety and performance. The timing of the formation of EECMAI is fortuitous in the sense that it coincides with the attempt of global businesses to de-risk their supply chain from single country dependencies. EECMAI will drive initiatives that will help the Indian E&E industry to expand beyond India and become an integral part of the international supply chain. EECMAI will establish relationships with other E&E Associations and appropriate Government Agencies to promote and protect the interests of the users and the industry.

Suraj Thodimarath
President - EECMAI

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